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About Us

Cash Management Strategy Built to Develop Sustainable Business Health

Gambit specializes in cash management strategy designed to build a strong, healthy financial foundation for maximum profitability to be built on top of.  We do this buy putting focus on your balance sheet.  Most small businesses put a lot of thought towards sales, margins, and their profit and loss statements, but often treat the balance sheet as an afterthought.  We believe that all of those things are of course important, but the key to setting up a business for long-term success is through building a healthy balance sheet.  That means, low debt, optimized inventory, and enough cash to cover three to six months of operating expenses.  Once a business has reached this point of financial health, it can start leveraging that position to gain more profitability.  We can help you reach that point.

We have three fundamental beliefs.

1. We believe that focus is the key to success.  That is why we chose to focus on one industry, the coffee industry.  This level of focus allows us to bring our very best to each of our clients.  Because of  this belief, we also take the time and effort to understand what our clients' focus is so that we can build the right strategies to support that focus.  Everything starts with understanding what you do best and who you do it best for.

2. Your business should be a service to you, not the other way around.  For this reason, we make sure to understand the personal goals of the business owner.  It is too simple to just aim for more profitability.  Profit's are important, but they need to be reached for in a way that supports what the business owner is striving for.

3. We should be alleviating your burden, not adding more onto your shoulders.  As we perform our services for you, we will work together to make sure that we do so in a way that works best for you.  We want to make things easy and we understand that you have a business to run.

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