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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire Gambit for just consulting if I already have my bookkeeping covered?

Absolutely!  If you already have your bookkeeping taken care of, but want some help on your cash management strategy, we are still happy to provide you with our consulting and coaching services.

What is cash management strategy?

Cash management strategy is the set of processes used to manage how you spend or invest your business's cash.  Gambit takes the approach of assigning a purpose to every incoming dollar based off of a percentage allocation model and segregating those dollars to that specific purpose.

How can Gambit help me become more profitable?

Through incremental improvement.  What you are now doing for a dollar, you can probably do for 99 cents.  We help you develop a framework around your spending by assigning allocation percentages to your incoming cash and assigning it to a purpose.  One of those purposes is quite literally money that you are setting aside and saving as profit.  Over time, we help you gradually shift the allocations by a small percentage point at a time to allow you to put more and more away as profit.  Over time, your business will become more and more focused and efficient as you learn to operate on less.

Does Gambit work companies outside of the coffee industry?

We can, and we have.  Gambit was built with a focus on the coffee industry because we believe that this allows us to bring the most value.  However, if you own a business in another industry and think that Gambit could help you, we are always happy to talk.

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